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Перечень возможностей Ubiquiti Unifi v3 beta по мере обновления UniFi Controller Software

Multi-site management, read-only admin support
•Instead of running multiple controllers, now you can use one controller to manage multiple sites.
•Each site has its own configurations, maps, statistics, guest portals and is logically separated.
•Moreover, you can delegate administrative rights (readonly/readwrite) to other people.

Seamless Roaming - Zero-Handoff
•Running radios on the same channel with the same BSSID. No controller is required for its operation.

WLAN Groups
•Now you can create multiple WLAN groups and assign them to an AP's radio.

Other Features
•Rogue AP detection
•more descriptive email alerts
•basic SNMP support
•enhanced load balanding per radio
•voucher customization
•additional payment gateway support (Stripe, QuickPay, Authorized.Net, MerchantWarrior)
•ability to reset current statistic
•allow the config to stay during uninstall for Windows
•controller performance enhancement
•Insights tab: Past Wireless Connections, Past Guest Authorizations
•standard-based roaming support (PMK-Caching, Inter-AP commmunication)
•Access Points tab: Config view, Performance view (footnote 1)
•enhanced wireless uplink
•UAP-Pro wireless uplink support (UAP-Pro can use its 5G as uplink or take 8 wireless downlinks)

From 3.1.1->3.1.2
•fix VLAN issue with wireless uplink
•fix a few zero-handoff bugs
•fix TX-Power calculation
•fix RADIUS accounting byte/pkt count
•rolling upgrading improvement
•add QuickPay (Europe) and Authorized.Net (US, Canada, UK, Europe) support

From 3.1.2->3.1.3
•fix UAP-AC (US version) 5G radio issue introduced in 3.1.2
•add MerchantWarrior (Australia, New Zealand)

From 3.1.3->3.1.4
•improve UAP stability and reliability
•fix UAP-AC's 5G connectivity issue for newer Macbook Air with 11ac chip
•fix Windows service launching issue with Java 7
•improve Windows Installer upgrade
•UI enhancements

From 3.1.4->3.1.5
•Controller - all columns are now left aligned.
•Controller - fix false error message when lauching controller - "Start up Failed, port 8080 is used by another program".
•Controller - fix the issue of unable to remove wireless uplink.
•Controller - security enhancements (reported by Luca Carettoni).
•Controller - avoid submitting 2+ times in default portal page where iOS devices will fail to be redirected.
•Controller - add new configuration: whether to show up the pop-up dialog when an iOS device associating to a guest wlan.
•Controller - fix the issue of controller shows wireless uplink in incorrect channel.
•Controller - fix the wireless uplink issue where downlink ap stays in the disconnected state rather than isolated state.
•Controller - fix AP dialog where Ethernet Activities is showing 0 B/sec.
•Controller - add new coniguration: allow to disable broadcast filter. Disabling it will degrade wlan performance.
•UAP-AC - fix auto channel selection - previously if set it to HT80/Auto, the AP will be set in HT20.
•UAP-AC - fix WEP issue where hex key fails whenever letter a-f being used in the key.
•UAP-AC - stability improvement.
•UAP-AC - include SSID in RADIUS attribute 'Called Station Identifier.'
•UAP-AC - auto channel selection chooses only channels 1, 6 and 11.
•UAP - remove DAD (duplicated address detection) arp.
•UAP - fix fd/socket leakage.
•UAP - fix the issue of selfrun_guest_mode=off configuration that is not working previously.
•UAP - v3 stability improvements.
•UAP - fix Realtek RTL8188CE issue.
•UAP - allow to disable pmksa caching through config.
•UAP-PRO - fix the issue of wireless uplink cannot be established in DFS channels.
•UAP-PRO - fix wireless uplink issue using DFS channels where downlink PRO stucks whenever uplink PRO restarts.

From 3.1.5->3.1.6
•Controller - in Performance View, instead of showing "Num Clients" again, show 2G Clients and 5G clients.
•Controller - fix the issue of Nokia Lumia 920 cannot connect to ZH wlan.
•Controller - add the missing name/address fields for Stripe.
•Controller - fix map upload problem.
•Controller - fix the issue of deleting “” user from a user group.
•AP - support non-ASCII SSID.
•AP - disable randomize-case in DNS lookup for compatibility.
•UAP-AC - add broadcast/multicast bypass filter for ARP and DHCP packets.
•UAP-AC - AMPDU stability improvement.

From 3.1.6->3.1.7
•Controller - fix favicon.
•Controller - fix missing notes for hotspot operators.
•Controller - fix Quickpay refund.
•Controller - for Authorize, make sure refund is available within 120 days.
•Controller - allow backup to specify days.
•Controller - fix unicode SSID support.
•Controller - remove 3000 stations limitation.
•Controller - use when click on Launch button.
•Controller - allow promoting of super admin in system.properties.
•UAP-AC - SDK upgrade.
•UAP-AC - 2G performance improvement.
•UAP-AC - fix performance impact due to antennas state.
•UAP-AC - fix clients fail to roam back in enterprise security wlan.
•UAP-AC - fix 11g client shown with 11b icon on Controller.
•UAP-AC - avoid tinysnmpd respawn repeatedly.
•UAP - fix kick a station in wireless uplink will cause downlink ap dropped.
•UAP - fix WEP performance.
•UAP - wireless uplink migration from V2->v3.
•PICOM2 - fix picoM2 max power drop.

From 3.1.7->3.1.8
•Controller - use Get for payment URL forwarding.
•Controller - use UTF-8 for portal page.
•UAP - fix Guest Portal redirector (borken in v3.1.7).
•UAP-AC - add rogue AP scan.

From 3.1.8->3.1.9
•Installer - no longer install JRE for the user, redirect the user to Sun's website instead.
•Controller - fix SMTP port showing 25/465 even if it's customized
•AP - fix firmware upgrade issue where the Ethernet interface occasionally (1%) failed to start after rebooting.
•AP - improve firmware upgrade reliability for UAP, UAP-LR and UAP-Outdoor
•AP - upgrade dropbear from v0.51 to v2013.59 for improved security.
•UAP - fix 802.1x roaming failure in Zero Handoff.
•UAP-AC - SDK upgrade.
•UAP-AC - fix rogue ap on CH 0 (ng).
•UAP-AC - fix the issue of abnormal positive stations signal strength.
•UAP-AC - fix the issue of failing to set 2.4G HT40 channel.

From 3.1.9->3.1.10
•Controller - Fixed XSS Vulnerability.
•Controller - Only request DHCP for guest VLAN when guest portal is enabled.
•Controller - Fixed migration issue that causes controller not to see previously adopted APs from v2 to v3.
•Controller - Updated copyright date to 2014.
•Controller - Enhancement to detect network interface state change in 60 seconds.
•UTIL - Fixed UniFi Discovery Tool failing to see any APs.
•UAP-AC - Fixed 2Ghz radio intermittently getting into a stuck state in long/heavy stress.
•UAP-AC - Fixed 5Ghz radio intermittently getting into a stuck state in long/heavy stress.
•UAP-AC - Fixed some station information passed from driver to controller.
•UAP-AC - Fixed clients randomly disconnecting from the 5Ghz radio.
•UAP-AC - Fixed 5Ghz performances slows to a crawl.
•UAP-AC - Fixed long ping times every 10 seconds from the 2Ghz radio.
•UAP-AC - Fixed 2Ghz performances slows to a crawl.
•UAP-AC - Fixed rate selection on subsequent AMPDU TX.
•UAP-AC - Fixed a 2Ghz performance instability issue.
•UAP-AC - Fixed EIRP reporting issue.
•UAP-AC - Fixed 2Ghz RSSI reporting error.
•UAP-AC - Fixed DHCP failure due to wrong default configuration.
•UAP-PRO - Fixed 16 clients in power save/uAPSD will cause AP to start dropping Ethernet frames therefore disconnecting from controller.
•UAP-PRO - If a total of 8 VAPs are created, QOS rule for the 8th one is not created.
•UAP-PRO - Fixed system crash causing reboots when certain sysconfig is applied.
•UAP-PRO/Outdoor - Fixed second Ethernet port not working.
•UAP - Fixed client rate limiting function does not work when greater than 10 clients.
•UAP - Fixed incorrect QoS ClassID.
•UAP - Fixed default user group bandwidth limiting is not working when applying a rate limit then back to unlimited bandwidth.
•UAP - Fixed vulnerability in BusyBox that may allow someone in control of a DHCP server to run arbitrary code.
•UAP - Fixed reporting abgn modes properly to controller.
•UAP(except UAP-AC) - Fixed Wireless Uplink stuck in isolation.
•UAP(except UAP-AC) - Fixed Wireless Uplink randomly disconnects.
•UAP(except UAP-AC) - Fixed Zero Handoff causes random disconnects due to multicast traffic.
•UAP(except UAP-AC) - Fixed Zero Handoff causes lower than expected throughput.
•UAP(except UAP-AC) - Fixed Zero Handoff causes huge amount of spectrum use.
•UAP-LR - Fixed transmit power reading to be inconsistent between v2 and v3 controller.

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