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ADC Wireless Coverage

Deliver better performance everywhere your wireless customers go.
ADC ClearGain® Tower-Mounted Amplifier and Digivance® Long-Range and Indoor Coverage Solutions dramatically improve signal quality and access for existing wireless networks. Wireless service providers use ADC ClearGain and Digivance solutions to guarantee a strong, clear signal and deliver higher data rate services in trouble spots - such as busy urban areas, subways, sport arenas, corporate offices or rural highways.

Digivance is the only all-digital RF transport solution available today. The difference is compelling. Digivance solutions use ADC's patented digital radio frequency (RF) transport technology to boost the performance and signal quality of wireless coverage. It is pleasingly free of the signal degradation and noise encountered with analog transport systems and amplifiers. The result is clearer reception and higher data throughput.

Deliver all standards with one system. Digivance seamlessly delivers TDMA, CDMA, GSM/SMR and, soon, SDR. Wireless service providers use Digivance to accommodate all types of cell phone technologies in one system, reducing the amount of hardware they deploy and maintain. Regional and rural carriers use Digivance to capture more roaming dollars as they accommodate a complete range of cell phone users.

Deploy new data and video services. Digivance is perfectly suited to deliver excellent data performance. Wireless service providers use Digivance to deliver higher data rate services inside buildings or on downtown streets, without adding more cell sites.

Centralize radio capacity. Service providers use Digivance solutions to centralize expensive radio equipment and distribute coverage and capacity. Upgrades and changes in services and technologies are easier and faster to deploy at fewer locations, and the cost of equipment and maintenance is vastly reduced.

Guarantee GOS with fewer RF channels. Carriers find that one of the easiest ways to realize cost savings is to significantly reduce the RF channels required to guarantee GOS. Digivance makes that possible.

Improve traffic loading. Carriers deploy Digivance to improve channel loading and trunking efficiency. The deployment strategy enables carriers to reduce the number of BTS sectors and increase channel loading per sector. In one urban location, the carrier used Digivance LRCS to reduce the total actual RF channels required on a multiple link transport system. At the same time, the carrier improved its guaranteed grade of service by 30 percent.

Deploy High-Performance Enterprise Wi-Fi. This solution combines a wireless LAN switch and up to 16 integrated access points to deliver up to 864 Mbps of Wi-Fi bandwidth over a large area. This innovative approach simplifies the deployment and management of Wi-Fi networks while maximizing the amount of Wi-Fi bandwidth and coverage available to users at lower cost.