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ADC Digivance® WMX 5000

Carrier Grade WiMAX Base Station

With Digivance WMX 5000, ADC delivers the industry's highest density, highest capacity, and highest performing base station. Designed for modular growth and service evolution, the Digivance WMX 5000 sets a new standard for carrier grade WiMAX base stations.

Digivance WMX 5000 operates in licensed and license-exempt bands under virtually all wireless conditions, giving providers a versatile platform for maximizing WiMAX revenue opportunities.

Digivance WMX 5000 hardware is based on the ATCA open standard, incorporating the latest advances in reliability, availability, and serviceability for carrier-class, high-speed telecommunications. Designed to accommodate up to 12 wireless sectors, the Digivance WMX 5000 system requires just 5U of rack space—making it the highest density base station currently available. This versatile, space-saving solution allows operators to offer a broad range of voice, data, and multimedia services, while driving down the operational and capital outlays required to scale the network.

The Digivance WMX 5000 modular design accommodates a large number of deployment options. With 1:1 or 1 :N redundant wireless sectors, the Digivance WMX 5000 can support:  12-sector base station, redundant 6-sector base stations, redundant four sector and other configurations within a single chassis.

The Digivance WMX 5000 meets stringent operator deployment needs, while bridging gaps from pre-WiMAX to fixed WiMAX, indoor consumer WiMAX, and fully mobile WiMAX.


  • Highest capacity; highest density WiMAX base station
  • Modular design supporting pay-as-you-grow business model
  • Seamless co-location with mini and micro base stations for expanded network coverage
  • Comprehensive system redundancy for carrier-class resilience
  • Upgradeable to IEEE 802.16e based mobility

Typical Applications:

  • Last mile, carrier deployments supporting smallinitial roll outs, growing to support thousands of subscribers in a single 5U platform
  • Converged fixed-mobile service offering including multi-user, multi-application, and multi-service simultaneously scalable VoIP service with per- subscriber QoS and dynamic link adjustment Wireless applications desired by indoor consumers of WiMAX including DSL bypass and Wi-Fi extensions
  • Fixed WiMAX service evolving to support mobile subscribers
  • Bandwidth-hungry video and data applications requiring low latency and predictable performance


RADIO And System Specifications
Compliance: IEEE 802.16-2004 (3.5T1, 3.5T2), ETSI HiperMAN
Duplexing mode, pHy: TDD, OFDM 256 FFT
frequency: 2.5 - 2.7 GHz, 3.3 - 3.4 GHz, 3.4 - 3.6 GHz, 5.725 - 5.925 GHz
Future: 3.6 - 3.8 GHz; 4.9 GHz, 5.150 - 5.359 GHz, 5.425 - 5.725 GHz
Channel Bandwidth: 1.75 MHz, 3.5 MHz, 6 MHz; 7.0 MHz;
Step Size: 125 KHz
Radio Output power: 17 dBm, 20 dBm, 30 dBm options
Receiver Sensitivity: -100 dBm
modulation:: BPSK, QPSK, 16QAM, 64QAM
forward Error Correction: Convolution coding 1/2, 2/3, 3/4
Automatic frequency Selection: Yes
Dynamic frequency Selection: Yes
Ip networking features/Options
Ip Version: IPV4 (RFC 791)
Bridging mode: IEEE 802.3d
Routing: RIPV2, OSPF
VLAns: IEEE 802.1 P/Q
Authentication: X.509 based authentication
Encryption: 3DES, AESCCM 128, 1024
Traffic Classifier: MAC DA/SA, 802.1 P/Q, IP SA/DA, IP PROT, IP TOS, TCP/UDP PORT
Scheduling/QoS: UGS, RTPS, NRTPS, BE, CIR, MIR
max # Sectors: 12 NON-REDUNDANT; 6 WITH 1:1 REDUNDANCY
Active Connected Subscriber units: UP TO 6144 (512 PER SECTOR)
Bi-directional Service flows: UP TO 8192 PER SECTOR
CARRIER grade features
Chassis: 5U Advanced TCA; 19" telco rack mountable
modularity:: Individually deployable wireless sector cards, fan unit, main system controller
Redundancy: Wireless sectors: 1:1; 1:N, M:N (future)IP interfaces: 1:1 (future)Power Distribution: 1:1
physical Interfaces
Rf sectors, If port: up to 12(f-type) 
Backhaul: 1 x 100 BT, 1 x 1000 BT(RJ45)
management: 10/100 BT; RS-232(RJ45)
Shelf management: 10 BT (RJ45); RS-232
External clock, Synchronization Antenna port: 10 MHz/1 PPS GPS 2 x BNC: Type-N
If port: Type-F
Remote management and monitoring: Digivance EMS (SNMP)
Remote management Access: Telnet, SNMP
Local management and monitoring: С LI
provisioning: Centralized using Digivance EMS (SNMP)
Snmp: MIB II (RFC 1213), WiMAX MIB, Digivance Enterprise MIB; SNMPV2 IEEE 802.16f MIB
Indoor unit Dimensions (L x H x w): 38.8x22.0x43.4 cm
weight: 20.9 Kg (4 sector, 1 MSC, 1 Fan Unit, DC)
Outdoor unit (L x H x w): 4.8 x 61 x 30.5 cm
IDu-ODu Distance: 250 m
Input DC Voltage: DC 40-60V
Input AC Voltage: 100 VAC-240 VAC
max power Consumption: 100 W (single sector conf ig)
Environmental Outdoor
weather protection: IP65/NEMA-4
Operating Temperature (Outdoor unit): -35 to 65 ºC
Humidity (Outdoor unit): 0-100%, non-condensing
RoHS Compliance: yes
Environmental Indoor
weather protection: NA
Operating Temperature (Outdoor unit): 0º to 40 ºC
Humidity (Outdoor unit): 0-90%, non-condensing
RoHS Compliance: yes