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Airspan EasyWiFi

EasyST with WiFi photo

The Wi-Fi expansion base provides full IEEE 802.11b/g AccessPoint functionality and turns each EasyST into an instant hot spot, with the WiMAX radio interface providing backhaul for IEEE 802.11b/g clients. Thanks to IEEE 802.16 QoS built into the EasyST, Wireless SIP phones can make high quality, managed VoIP calls.

Main Features

  • Supports Mobile WiMAX and Fixed WiMAX profiles
  • World's first "Self-Install" WiMAX CPE
  • Full indoor non-LOS (NLOS) deployment
  • User unpacks, plugs in and surfs - Installation takes less than 1 minute!
  • Stackable "CD" Style Design utilizes latest Intel WiMAX chipset
  • Dual mode operation – capable of supporting both Mobile WiMAX and Fixed WiMAX
  • Optional IEEE 802.11b/g Wi-Fi access point
  • Optional VoIP base for 1or 2 POTS lines
  • A range of antenna options
  • Up to 8.5dBi, 4 x 90º auto selecting antenna
  • Full support for Sub-Channelisation (OFDMA on uplink)
  • Integral SIM card reader
  • "Auto-Connect" and "Auto-Config" features
  • "Fully Nomadic Operation"