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Airspan Proximity


  • Fully transparent circuit switched voice (32k ADPCM or 64k PCM)
  • ‘Always on’ data service offering subscriber data rates of 100kbps
  • Modular base-stations that can be configured with capacities ranging from 17 Erlangs to 376 Erlangs
  • A generous fade margin allowing robust performance in non-line of sight deployments
  • In excess of 160dB link budget when operating with base-station diversity
  • Range of Base-station interface formats including ETSI V5.2
  • Radio element manager capable of managing in excess of 100,000 lines

The Proximity system allows telecommunications operators to construct high quality telephone access networks between customers’ premises and local exchanges. The system uses cellular point to multi-point wireless technology in place of traditional copper-based local loops.

Each subscriber terminal is equipped with two standard analogue telephone interfaces to deliver PSTN circuit-switched services. In addition, a packet-mode service may be used to deliver ‘always-on’ connections between one or more Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and the subscriber’s computer equipment. The Proximity system provides a frequency division duplex radio link to a subscriber transceiver system and operates in the 3.4 to 3.6 GHz licensed bands. The air interface utilizes time division multiplex on the downlink and time division multiple access on the uplink.

The system has built up a strong reputation for stable and reliable operation in a number of deployment scenarios ranging from dense urban to rural. Single networks with more than 400,000 deployed lines are currently in operation. A range of scalable base-stations are available supplemented by a high performance, high capacity radio management system.

Proximity Network Diagram