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FibeAir® 1500AL


FibeAir 1500AL, a new addition to FibeAir family of products, is an optical full functionality SDH ADM (Add-Drop Multiplexer). FibeAir 1500AL supports all ADM features, such as path protection and synchronization, and provides two STM-1 optical aggregates, and n x E1 or STM-1 tributary lines.

FibeAir 1500AL supports chain and ring topologies. It can be used in pure SDH wireless networks or in mixed (wired and wireless) networks. The ability to add/drop traffic in each node of the network provides network flexibility and ease of planning. Ring topologies provide traffic protection without the need for redundant equipment as is required for protected (1+1) configurations.

The system supports path protection and synchronization mechanisms, and implements In-Band Management for seamless integration in the network. Our management concept involves the management applications integrated with existing network management platforms.

FibeAir network management is controlled by our network management software. CeraView®, the SNMP-based GUI element manager, and PolyView™, our open interface network management software, run on Windows 98/2000/NT and over HP OpenView (Windows or UNIX). PolyView™ provides end-to-end trail management for FibeAir 1500AL.


  • Optimized carrier class wireline solution for cellular and service providers
  • Complies with SDH standards
  • Provides up to 16 E1 tributaries, or an STM-1 tributary interface and an electrical/optical aggregate
  • Path protection and network synchronization
  • External synchronization inputs/outputs
  • Unique SNMP-based element and network management, supports path protection, clock synchronization, NTP server connection, and in-band management
  • Up to 4 FibeAir 1500AL IDUs can be stacked to provide connections for up to 63 E1s
  • Or, alternatively, FibeAir 1500AL can be configured with an STM-1 tributary and an STM-1-to-63 E1
  • Access Mux
  • Provides remote software download for our units in the system
  • Applications

  • SDH ring and chain topologies, with full add-drop functionality and path protection in the ring for wireless or wire line networks
  • Standard ADM that can easily be integrated in the network with other vendor SDH equipment
  • FibeAir’s standard in-band management capability enables management of external equipment and FibeAir products within the SDH network. External clock signals can be input for precise synchronization with other equipment in the network
  • 1500AL also supports cascaded topologies, and enables a “highway” type network that drops E1s at each node