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Услуги распределенных приложений – Wide Area Application Services

Improve Branch Network and Application Performance

Your enterprise can take full advantage of Cisco Wide Area Application Services (WAAS) to accomplish three primary IT objectives:

  • Provide optimal performance for applications delivered from your central data center to branch office users
  • Consolidate costly branch office server, storage, and backup infrastructure into data centers, while maintaining LAN-like service levels for remote users
  • Minimize WAN bandwidth expenses

The WAAS portfolio of technologies and products give branch and remote offices LAN-like access to centrally hosted applications, servers, storage, and multimedia in a common, easy-to-manage form, all with LAN-like performance. The solution provides a powerful application delivery, acceleration, and WAN optimization solution for the branch office that optimizes the performance of any TCP-based application operating in a WAN or MAN environment.

Additional Benefits:

  • Simplified data protection and compliance, enabling effective backup, retention, storage management, and recovery procedures to support remote locations
  • Enterprise-grade scalability and availability, based on Cisco’s experience with thousands of enterprise deployments

Unlike traditional WAN optimization technology, Cisco WAAS integrates transparently within customers’ networks, preserving TCP information to maintain functions such as security, QoS, visibility and monitoring end-to-end. Additionally, Cisco WAAS provides comprehensive acceleration and optimization capabilities, ease of deployment and management through auto-discovery of devices, and complete integration with Cisco IOS services like NetFlow and QoS.

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