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Expedience® Network Management

Network Management solution for wireless broadband access

Network Management

 Motorola's Expedience System Management Products. Performance in the field and on the bottom line.

Motorola's Expedience NetProvision™, Provisioning Management System and NetManage™ Element Management System provide carriers with the comprehensive ability to define, manage and provision all aspects of the Expedience broadband wireless network.

A unique feature of the Expedience system is the ability to define and provide service to multiple ISP partners that operate on the carrier's broadband infrastructure network. By distributing the access and provisioning functionalities of NetProvision, the Expedience system allows carriers to provide the ability for ISP partners to define their own SLA's and to provision their own customers on the system. With Expedience, the carrier maintains the network, manages its capacity and performance, and admin­isters the access to the network for each ISP. This Carrier-of-Carriers configuration is a compelling new business model for wireless network operators.


The NetProvision system uniquely enables carriers to create custom SLA policy definitions for subscribers to differentiate various classes of service (i.e. Gold, Silver, Bronze) based on downstream and upstream speed, priority, and geographic location. These policies are then enforced by the Expedience system regardless of

which base station a subscriber is registered to. This policy follows users when they roam throughout the broadband network. Subscribers can be provisioned for service throughout the entire network or can be restricted to defined geographical locations. For example, downtown may be a premium use area, commanding a higher subscription fee than a resi­dential area. (Ask your sales representative about configuring your system for multiple ISP support).


  • Automated self-provisioning
  • XML/SOAP interface to existing CRM
  • Local and remote diagnostics fault monitoring
  • Over-the-air modem upgrades
  • Provisioning management
  • SLA policy management
  • Multiple ISP support
  • Distributed, scalable architecture
  • Simple, flexible GUI interface


Motorola's Expedience® NetManage, Element Management System (EMS) provides carriers with a complete set of management tools to enable the configuration, management, monitoring, and report­ing of all elements of the Expedience broadband wireless platform. It provides secure centralized and remote configuration of base stations, subscriber units, switches, and other network elements. The system reports and alerts system administrators to alarms and faults, and monitors system performance down to the individual subscriber unit. It supports customizable report generation to track network performance, utilization, and capacity.

The NetManage EMS consists of the Expedience EMS server and GUI application. The distributed architecture supports standard SNMPv2 interfaces for integration with existing OSS systems. The system is highly customizable and scalable enabling a single NetManage system to support thousands of network elements.


The Motorola Expedience NetProvision and NetProvision systems are part of the MOTOwi4 family of broadband wireless access technologies, a comprehensive platform of wireless broadband solutions and services. Designed to complement and complete operator networks, MOTOwi4 solutions address a broad range of applications across operator segments. MOTOwi4 is extending the reach and capabilities of operator networks, from basic connections in unserved regions to high-speed, mobile access in dense metro markets. MOTOwi4 solutions help people access information and share content wherever they might be.