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Expedience® PC Card

High performance nomadic solutions for wireless broadband access

Expedience PC Card

Motorola's Expedience PC Card delivers flexible, high-speed connectivity for nomadic wireless broadband access. Performance in the field and on the bottom line.

A truly portable CPE in the form of a plug-in card for a laptop PC is the newest addition to the Motorola Expedience product line to deliver the full suite of BWA services required by today's market.

Motorola's Expedience PC Card is a high performance, broadband wireless access modem for indoor applications. It is a true NLOS Plug & Play Ethernet device, requiring only a simple driver to be added to the subscriber's laptop computer.

The PC Card incorporates the same automatic adaptive modulation for increased throughput and network capacity as our existing products with the added portability of a laptop CardBus card.

Users are connected in seconds, enjoying broadband speeds throughout the entire system's coverage area.

The unit functions as a Network Interface Card (NIC) to the host laptop it is plugged into.


  • Self-contained integrated antenna
  • Optional accessory high-gain antenna
  • True Plug & Play portability
  • No service provider installation required
  • Consistent broadband speeds across entire cell radius
  • Adaptive high-order modulation 4/16/64 QAM
  • Supports a single computer
  • Home and small office access


The Motorola Expedience PC Card is part of the MOTOwi4 family of broadband wireless access technol­ogies, a comprehensive platform of wireless broadband solutions and services. Designed to complement and complete operator networks, MOTOwi4 solutions address a broad range of applications across operator segments. MOTOwi4 is extending the reach and capabilities of operator networks, from basic connections in unserved regions to high-speed, mobile access in dense metro markets. MOTOwi4 solutions help people access information and share content wherever they might be.


Характеристика Значение
Channel Bandwidth  
(2.x GHz) 3.5/5/5.5/6 MHz
Frequency Band (MHz)  
PCC-2510 2496-2690 MHz
Modulation OFDM - 4/16/64/ QAM on uplink and downlink
Operating Mode Time Division Duplex (TDD)
RF Output Power +32 dBm
EIRP +33 dBm (omnidirectional)
RF Receive Sensitivity Better than -95 dBm (4QAM modulation, channel BW: 6 MHz)
Management Interfaces SNMP MIB II, Airping
OS Compatibility Windows XP, SP1, SP2
Disk Requirements 10 MB
Data Interfaces Laptop Cardbus Slot
Temperature Range 0°C to +40°C (operating)
Humidity Range 0% to 95% (non-condensing)
Average Power Consumption < 3.0 Watts in continuous transmit mode
Dimensions 2.0 cm (H) x 5.8 cm (W) x 13.0 cm (D)
Accessories Available Directional accessory antenna (7 dBi gain)
  Custom carrying case (PC Card + Accessory Antenna)
Regulatory Approvals Safety/EMC/Spectral certification per FCC Part 27