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Canopy Lite Wireless Broadband Subscriber Modules

Canopy Wireless Broadband Platform

With new Canopy Lite subscriber modules (SM), Motorola helps service providers deliver high-speed broadband services to virtually everyone who wants them. Canopy Lite SMs' lower cost makes high-speed Internet access, web browsing, e-mail—and even more advanced applications like VoIP and multimedia services—available even to customers who couldn't previously afford them.

Part of Motorola's globally proven Canopy platform, Canopy Lite SMs are designed to help network operators convert dial-up subscribers to broadband simply, quickly and profitably.

And, although Canopy Lite SMs offer substantially lower costs, they also offer the same high performance, reliability and interference tolerance for which the Canopy system is renowned.

Integrated into your network with a Canopy Advantage access point (AP), Canopy Lite SMs are scalable, available in a variety of frequencies and can be software upgraded to add incremental throughput quickly and inexpensively. As customer demand for bandwidth grows, Canopy wireless broadband network operators can offer reliable, higher throughput services quickly and at more favorable prices than wire line alternatives.

Motowi4™ solutions HELP operators SERVE a more diverse CUSTOMER base.

Canopy solutions are part of Motorola's motowi4™ portfolio of innovative wireless broadband solutions and services that create, complement and complete IP networks. Delivering IP coverage to virtually all spaces, the motowi4 portfolio includes Fixed, WiMAX, Mesh, and Broadband over PowerLine solutions for private and public networks.

Building the World's Strongest Business Case for Broadband Network Expansion

Whether you're an operator in an established or emerging market, Canopy Lite customer premise equipment (CPE) helps you ensure a strong business case for expansion. Canopy Lite SMs' affordability enables you to move immediately into multi-application business and residential broadband service with a system that easily scales to mass deployment levels as your network grows. Canopy Lite requires a Canopy Advantage AP to be used in the network.

Canopy Lite SMs offer a wide range of value-driven performance benefits, including:

  • Low Cost. Canopy Lite SMs eliminate the high CPE pricing levels that are today's major network expansion barrier. Sold in convenient 25-unit packs, each individual Canopy Lite SM has a suggested price of just $.
  • Proven Reliability. Based on Motorola's world-tested Canopy technology that has a reliability rate of more than 99.5%, Canopy Lite offers exceptional reliability and proven interference mitigation for enhanced quality and performance.
  • Scalability. Your investment in Canopy Lite equipment is protected by the inherent scalability delivered by the Canopy system's GPS synchronization. You can always add new customers without worrying about service degradation or interference problems.
  • Multiple Frequencies. Canopy Lite SMs are available in the 2.4, 5.2, 5.4 and 5.7 frequency bands.
  • Software Upgrades. Canopy Lite SMs operate at 512 kbps throughput with 768 kilobits burst and a maximum of 100 kbps full duplex Committed Information Rate (CIR). As your customers' need for speed grows, software upgrades via the Prizm element management system will add incremental throughput (to 1, 2, 4 or 7 Mbps) quickly and economically.
  • Enhanced Security. Secure communications are inherent in Canopy Lite SMs, using DES (Data Encryption Standard) encryption covered with multiple levels of security. Authentication is an available option via the Bandwidth Authentication Manager functionality in Prizm.
  • Immediate Deployment. Unlike many other network expansion options, the Canopy Lite solution can be deployed and delivering service in a matter of hours rather than weeks and months.

Don't wait to find out how lower-cost Canopy Lite SMs can drive your network's expansion into wireless broadband service with fast deployment and rapid ROI.