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PCMw 200 Wireless Card

PCMw 200 Wireless Card

High performance solution for wireless broadband access

Motorola's PCM w200 Card for WiMAX delivers flexible, high-speed connectivity for mobile or nomadic wireless broadband access in a standard Cardbus 2 Format.


Today's notebook computers are true desktop replace­ments, offering their users all the power, speed and capability that once only a full size PC could deliver. So when notebook users choose a wireless connectivity solution, they don't expect a compromise. They want the same easy, reliable access to broadband speeds that they can get from their desktops, but they want it to go where they go - indoors and outdoors, public hotspot and enterprise network, home and office.

Now you can satisfy those expectations with this mo­bile or nomadic solution that enables cost effective network deployment and high return on your infra­structure investment -- WiMAX.

Indoor wireless propagation can be particularly chal­lenging, but Motorola's wi4 WiMAX PC Card has been designed to perform, offering reliable, high-speed data services to your subscribers. We put decades of Mo­torola experience in radio environments into our wi4 WiMAX CPE and device portfolio, all with the aim of delivering best-in-class performance. So you get lower costs and higher returns while you give your subscrib­ers the ease and freedom of use that they demand.


Like the rest of the Motorola wi4 WiMAX equipment portfolio, the Motorola PCM w 200 Card for WiMAX offersbest- in-class radio performance in a form fac­tor that is easy to use. Compatible with Windows XP (SP2) and Vista, the Motorola PCMw 200 Card pro­vides notebook computer users with the low power consumption and high sensitivity they demand.

Mobile or Nomadic Solution

  • Indoor and Outdoor Coverage
  • Exceptional RF performance

Fully Compatible with Windows PC

  • Driver for Windows XP/Vista included

High Throughput

  • 14 Mbps Down-Link (max usable physical layer throughput), 10 MHz Channel
  • 4 Mbps Up-Link (max usable physical layer throughput), 10 MHz Channel

Robust Security

  • Device authentication based on X.509 digital certification
  • AES (128-bit CCM) Data Encryption and Authenticatio

Easy Installation

  • Simple, intuitive software installation


The PCMw 200 employs Multiple Antenna Technology, which delivers increased range, and higher throughput, when compared to products with single antenna solutions. When used with Motorola's dual-antenna, Diversity Access Point (DAP) / WAP 400 Series, both uplink and downlink performance are significantly enhanced by advanced signal process­ing techniques, including: Maximal Ratio Combining (MRC), and Cyclic Shift Transmit Diversity (CSTD). Se­lect combinations of these algorithms are combined in Motorola CPE products in order to deliver high per­formance in the smallest physical footprint.


  • Best-in-class radio performance
  • Reliable indoor coverage
  • Best-in-class throughput
  • Five Quality of Services classes
  • Robust security


The Motorola WiMAX PCMw 200 Card is part of the MOTOwi4 family of broadband wireless access technologies, a comprehensive platform of wireless broadband solutions and services. Designed to com­plement and complete operator networks, MOTOwi4 solutions address a broad range of applications across operator segments. MOTOwi4 is extending the reach and capabilities of operator networks, from basic con­nections in unserved regions to high-speed, mobile access in dense metro markets. MOTOwi4 solutions help people access information and share content wherever they might be.


Motorola is uniquely positioned to address the wire­less broadband market through the MOTOwi4 vision. Motorola has aligned its business units and road-maps to provide a comprehensive, end-to-end solu­tion covering all aspects of the broadband wireless access deployment. With our deep and extensive patent portfolio, over a decade of R&D investment, and our experience as a global supplier of broadband wireless access solutions, Motorola is primed to deliver its best in class Consumer Premises Equip­ment (CPE) and devices. Motorola is committed to leading the industry with end-to-end wi4 WiMAX so­lutions addressing the full scope of the operator's deployment needs including access, core, devices, network management and services.


Характеристика Значение
Radio Performance Transmit: 200 mW maximum; Highly sensitive receiver (>5dB better than WiMAX Forum Specifications), RX Diversity, Convolution Turbo Coding (CTC), Omni-directional Antennas, Hybrid Automatic Repeat request (HARQ)
Connectivity PCMCIA Cardbus 2 Format
Certification WiMAX Forum Wave 2 Compliant, 7 MHz and 5 MHz Channel for 3.5 GHz, 5 MHz and 10 MHz Channel for 2.5GHz
Quality of Service Classes BE (Best Effort), UGS (Unsolicited Grant Service), RTPS(Real Time Polling Service), NRTPS (Non Real Time PollingService), ERTPS (Extended Real Time Polling Service)
Security Device authentication based on X.509 digital certification, Authentication methods according to IEEE 802.16e, EAPTLSand also EAP-TLSAES (128-bit CCM) Data Encryption and Authentication
Remote Configuration and Software Upgrade Downloadable, Self-Extracting Software Bundle
OS Compatibility Windows XP (SP2) and Vista
Environmental Operating Temp: 0°C to 60°C, Operating Humidity: 20% to 85%, non-condensing
Regulatory North America and Latin America, Europe, Asia Pending