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Orcave 2222

indoor unit of a microwave link with net transport capacity from 10 to 105 Mbps


Orcave 2222 is an indoor unit of a microwave link point-to-point with a transport capacity from 10 to 105 Mbps. It is suitable for middle sized links either last miles or backbones. Operations factors and reliability predetermine it for large usage by ISPs, data&voice operators and end users as well.

Main (fast) interface might be Ethernet 10/100 as well as E3. Up to 4 aside (slow) channels can be added, paired everytime - 2x E1 or 2x V.35.

Unit is equipped with QPSK and APSK de/modulation and has FEC (Reed Solomon) as well. This way is the reliability improved even in bad atmospheric conditions.

Orcave 2222 is built in RACK 2U high. Voltage is selectable 230V AC or 48V DC. Only one coax cable is used between ODU and IDU. Tx frequency depends on ODU, make your choice in related products (left column).

More technical oriented information you can find in Features.


  • net transport speed 10 - 105 Mbps
  • FEC - Reed Solomon and Viterbi
  • 1x main interface either Ethernet 10/100 or E3
  • up to 4x side channel E1 or V.35
  • full range tuneable Tx and RX
  • modulation scheme QPSK, 8APSK, 16APSK, 32APSK
  • system configuration by SW
  • remote monitoring with ability to set up all operating parameters


  • single HW for different capacity (gather speed is achieved by SW license only)
  • modular design, which enables full capacity usage by main and several aside channels
  • remote tuning minimizes radio interferences in a free band
  • easy to migrate to another frequency band

Orcave 2222 - Product features

General parameters

Frequency tuning Rx
System configuration SW
Frequency band 10 GHz
11 GHz
13 GHz
15 GHz
18 GHz
Type of modulation QPSK - 32APSK
Capacity 10 - 105 Mbps

User's interfaces

Main data stream 1x Eth10/100 (E3)
Side channels 4x E1 (G.703), V.35


VLAN packets length max 1536 b
Bridge Yes
Eth Interface Auto negotiation (10/100 HD/FD)

Interface G.703 - E3

Bit rate 34368 Kbps

Interface G.703 - E1

Framing according to ITU-T G.704 Yes
Bit rate 2048 Kbps

Interface V.35

Bit rate 64 - 8192 Kbps

Output into MW systems

modulation QPSK
Gross transmission capacity 125 Mbps
Type of FEC Reed Solomon Viterbi Algorithm
Net transmission capacity (bandwidth / modulation)
10 Mbps 7 MHz / QPSK
16 Mbps 7 MHz / 8APSK
20 Mbps 7 MHz / 16APSK
34 Mbps 14 MHz / 8APSK
40 Mbps 28 MHz / QPSK
45 Mbps 14 MHz / 16APSK
65 Mbps 28 MHz / 8APSK
85 Mbps 28 MHz / 16APSK
105 Mbps 28 MHz / 32APSK

Monitoring system

NMS Interface Connector RJ-45
NMS Interface Type Ethernet
Stackable Yes
NMS History Log Yes
GUI type Yes
Title NMS Viper

Basic characteristics

Physical characteristics

Weight Netto 5 kg
Dimensions [w x h x d] 446 X 88 X 287 mm

Operating features

Max storage temperature 70°C
Min operational temperature 0°C
Max operational temperature 40°C
Min storage temp -20°C

Power supply

Pwr Consumption 40 W
Power voltage AC 230 or DC 48 V

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