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Wireless Backhaul

Wireless Backhaul

Proxim high-capacity, wireless point to point bridges provide the industry's most reliable, secure and easily-deployed solutions for interconnecting corporate and telecommunications networks. Proxim's Tsunami family of point-to-point wireless Ethernet bridges provide transparent, carrier-class connectivity with performance options ranging from 11 to 216 Mbps - easily integrating VPN, real-time video, voice-over-IP, and digital PBX connections over a single wireless network.

Lynx point-to-point products are the fastest and most economical solutions for expanding or extending telecommunications infrastructures - delivering capacities from fractional T1 to OC-3 wherever needed. Providing the performance of fiber at a fraction of the cost, the Gigalink® Series of millimeter wave radios deliver up to a Gigabit Ethernet speed! TeraOptic™ is the latest in free-space optics technology, using light instead of radio frequencies. These products provide high bandwidth without the need for costly licenses or trenching.

GigaLink® Series GigaLink® Series
Proxim's GigaLink Series consists of full-duplex point-to-point wireless bridges that offer affordable, highly reliable, short and medium range outdoor links for Fast Ethernet (125 Mbps), OC-3/STM-1 (155 Mbps) and Gigabit Ethernet (1.25 Gbps) interfaces.

TeraOptic™ 4221e TeraOptic™ 4221e
It is the latest in a line of high bandwidth, carrier-grade systems developed by Proxim providing up to 125 Mbps at ranges less than a kilometer. The TeraOptic is unique among our solutions in that it operates via free-space optics and thus does not use radio frequency.

Lynx®.GX Series Lynx®.GX Series
Proxim is a leader in T1/E1 spread spectrum, unlicensed radios. Ideal for the carrier market, LYNX radios provide unlicensed wireless interconnect solutions in a variety of telecommunications interfaces up to DS-3. LYNX unlicensed radios operate in the 5.8 GHz ISM band.

Tsunami®.GX Series Tsunami®.GX Series
The Tsunami family of wireless Ethernet bridges provides a variety of plug-and-play solutions to the growing demand for transparent, reliable, and economical high-speed network interconnectivity. With a wide variety of performance points, Tsunami full-duplex links allow network planners to select the optimum solution for their specific application.

TeraBridge™ Series TeraBridge™ Series
High capacity, full-duplex all outdoor radios optimized for backhaul of Ethernet or traditional telecommunications converged voice and data networks. They feature license-free radio operation in the 5.3 GHz UNII and 5.8 GHz ISM bands with a choice of either DS3 or 10/100 Base-T digital interfaces.

Tsunami® QuickBridge Tsunami® QuickBridge
Tsunami QuickBridge is the easiest-to-install point-to-point bridging solution on the market — it can be installed in a couple of hours, not days. They are an easier, cost-effective alternative to leased and DSL lines. Available in 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz frequency bands, QuickBridge links are all-in-one-box solutions that include all necessary components to quickly setup a link between two locations.