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Smart Wireless Controller

ORiNOCO® Smart Wireless Controller

The ORiNOCO Smart Wireless Controller enables seamless mobility for Wi-Fi applications of all types – voice, video and mission critical data applications.

  • No restructuring of existing Ethernet network
  • Wi-Fi clients can roam across subnets with no interruption
  • Highly latency sensitive applications such as Voice over Wi-Fi calls seamlessly roam across subnets

Network Flexibility Without Bottlenecks

With ORiNOCO, wireless LAN intelligence is distributed appropriately to efficiently use network resources. ORiNOCO Access Points deliver intelligence at the edge of your network for authentication, authorization and traffic prioritization. The Smart Wireless Controller provides centralized management of tunnel set up between APs on an as needed basis.

  • Eliminates bottlenecks caused by tunneling all traffic through a central controller
  • Deploy Controller anywhere in the network – at the core, edge or anywhere in between
  • Utilize up to 128 APs per controller without redundancy, or 64 APs per controller with redundancy

Extend Your Existing Network

  • Deploy APs exactly where you need them without rearchitecting your network.
  • Eliminate complicated VLAN configuration
  • Scalable from branch offices to large enterprises
  • Maintain investment in existing layer 2/3 switches
  • Upgrade existing ORiNOCO wireless LAN installations

Ensure High Reliability with Redundancy

  • Mission critical applications like voice over Wi-Fi require the highest availability.
  • Second Ethernet port for hot failover
  • Automatic reconnection of ORiNOCO APs to secondary Smart Wireless Controller


  • Enterprises - Converge voice and data on a single network with low latency roaming
  • Municipal/Public safety networks - Achieve seamless roaming across city networks
  • Hospitals and clinics - Use Voice over WI-FI for instant communication anywhere
  • Local, state and federal agencies - Fast access to information to serve constituencies better
  • Universities - Deploy wireless LANs across the campus without complex VLAN assignment