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A Powerful Tool to Plan, Deploy, Manage and Secure Your Wireless Network

ProximVision Standard is a powerful tool to plan, install, manage and secure wireless networks. From a central location, this user friendly application enables end-end management of the wireless network. It is packaged as an appliance with the software application pre-loaded to support 25, 100 or 200 nodes. For your convenience, the appliance is pre-loaded with the ProximVision application. Depending on specific requirements, one can choose the Standard version or the Advanced version.

Providing one console for your entire wireless network, it supports remote configuration & provisioning of the entire wireless infrastructure. Furthermore, it enables centralized firmware distribution and management to reduce OpEx. With a strong set of diagnostic features, ProximVision Standard helps you to quickly identify trouble spots in your network. For intelligent network planning and monitoring, it has extensive reporting capabilities. It play a critical role in securing your wireless network with centralized policy definition - encryption/ authentication method, passwords, SSID, open/closed network, etc.


  • Offers a single intelligent console to monitor, analyze and configure wireless networks
  • Supports automated device discovery across any infrastructure (LAN or WAN)
  • Rich security features – compliance audits, centralized policy definition (encryption/ authentication method, passwords, SSID, open/closed network, etc.), automated configuration of devices to eliminate human error, regular configuration audits, etc.
  • Scaleable – can manage networks of up to 200 nodes
  • User-based monitoring for real time information and quick troubleshooting
  • Diagnostics and alarms for fast problem resolution

Want to have complete visibility into your wireless network? Now you can. From one integrated easy-to-use console, ProximVision gives you complete control over your wireless network. Easy to use, ProximVision is a powerful tool to plan, deploy, manage and secure wireless networks. From a central location, this user-friendly application enables end-to-end management of your wireless network - even a global network in various geographic locations.

For your convenience, the appliance is pre-loaded with the ProximVision application. Depending on specific requirements, one can choose the Standard version or Advanced version.

  • Automated device discovery across any network infrastructure (WAN or LAN)
  • Group-based policy definition for efficient management of large networks
  • Centralized device configuration to eliminate manual processes and opportunity for human error
  • Compliance audits to enforce your security policies at all times
  • Monitoring and configuration of Mesh APs
  • User-based monitoring for real-time information and rapid trouble-shooting
  • Diagnostics and alarms for fast problem resolution
  • Integrated reporting package for intelligent planning and performance measurement


ProximVision provides a solid foundation to implement your Wi-Fi® security and compliance strategy. With ProximVision you can ensure that your entire mobile infrastructure, including wireless access points and switches, are always configured in strict accordance with your policies.


With ProximVision's easy-to-use interface, the entire network is visible and manageable. For instance, you can control the channel, transmission power, encryption methods and even the firmware version on hundreds of access points simultaneously.


ProximVision's real-time monitoring screens tell you exactly who is connected to your Wi-Fi network, where they are located, and how the network is performing. ProximVision's integrated reporting package shows you how your network is being used and helps you intelligently plan for growth.


ProximVision drives down your wireless support costs by eliminating the root cause of many wireless network problems and enabling faster trouble-shooting. Your help desk will quickly resolve most end user issues, freeing your highly trained network engineers to handle more pressing matters.

Flexibility and Scalability

With ProximVision you can manage your existing wireless network and future-proof your investment. Packaged in two flavors, Standard and Advanced, ProximVision offers unparallel flexibility based on required features and the size of your wireless network. Upgrades are also available to accommodate your growing network.

ProximVision VisualRF Visualization Module

You cannot manage what you cannot see. With ProximVision, everything is visible -even the airwaves.

The VisualRF module is a part of ProximVision Advanced version that gives you a real-time picture of the actual radio environment of your wireless network. Using the site maps generated by the ProximVision Wireless Site Plan (PVSP) software, ProximVision VisualRF (PVRF) overlays them with real-time radio information from your APs. Now you can see what RF environment really looks like. Using PVRF, you can see where the wireless coverage is solid, where there are gaps, where users are connected to the wireless network, and even where unauthorized 'rogue' access points are attached to your LAN.

  • Imports RF site maps from the PVSP software
  • Automatically incorporates real-time data from existing Wi-Fi access points and updates site plan
  • Presents real-time graphical monitoring views showing RF coverage area, client/user location, rogue AP location and more
  • "Before" and "After" views of your RF environment so you can review the impact of proposed changes before implementing
  • Requires no additional hardware or RF sensors to gather and display RF data

ProximVision Rogue AP Detection Module

Unauthorized 'rogue' access points are a critical threat that can expose sensitive corporate data to intruders, and may undercut an organization's entire regulatory compliance program. Unfortunately, the most likely location for a rogue to be connected to your network is where it is hardest to detect: in remote offices without authorized Wi-Fi networks, hundreds of miles from your headquarters. ProximVision Rogue Access Point (PVRAP) detection module will help you sleep at night, knowing that no unauthorized APs have been connected anywhere without your knowledge.

The PVRAP software solution uses a unique combination of wireless and wired network discovery techniques to detect and locate all rogue APs, wherever they may be. It uses your existing, authorized wireless access points to locate any unknown radios within RF range. PVRAP then scans your wired network to locate any other rogues that may not be within range of your access points. PVRAP correlates results of the wireless and wired scans and delivers you a high-priority alert containing all the information you need to locate and remove the rogue device.

PVRAP integrates with ProximVision VisualRF module to calculate and display the physical location of any rogue access points, using RF data from your existing APs and the ProximVision Management Client (PVMC).

ProximVision rogue AP detection module is part of ProximVision Advanced version.

  • Wired network discovery to locate wireless access points anywhere on the network
  • Wireless detection of rogues within range of authorized, managed access points
  • Correlated alerts containing all data from both wired and wireless scans
  • Triangulation of rogue location through integration with the VisualRF module
  • No proprietary sensors or hardware required for accurate rogue detection

ProximVision Wireless Site Plan

An accurate site plan is crucial to deploying and effectively managing a Wi-Fi installation. With ProximVision Wireless Site Plan (PVSP), designing a site plan for a Wi-Fi network doesn't require an RF engineer. And once it's complete, it won't sit in your drawer gathering dust; it will become a living document that enhances intelligent network planning and accelerates problem resolution. The PVSP software is an easy-to-use, Visio-based software application that helps you quickly create an RF site plan for your facility. Once your site plan is complete, you generate reports for your installers to use as they deploy your wireless access points and other infrastructure. Then, when installation is complete, PVSP synchronizes with the ProximVision Management Platform to automatically provision your APs and configure them to match your site plan.

PVSP enhances network security by providing a clear, up-to-date record of the location of all wireless devices for your auditors and compliance officers. By providing a geographic map of your RF airspace, it also makes possible more accurate real-time location tracking of users, 'rogue' access points, and your own wireless APs.

The site plan you generate with PVSP is automatically converted into a graphical VisualRF view, so you can view it on an ongoing basis through ProximVision's browser-based user interface.

  • Import any existing graphic to begin to create your wireless site plan
  • Drag-and-drop user interface allows you to place access points on the site map quickly and easily
  • Automated generation of reports for your network installers
  • Automatic provisioning of your wireless APs through synchronization with ProximVision
  • Creation of a "Living Site Plan" that is automatically updated by the ProximVision
  • Visio-based application for familiarity and ease-of-use


Device Discovery
  • Uses SNMP, HTTP, CDP, and other discovery protocols to locate all Wi-Fi devices
  • Policy Enforcement & Audit
  • Uses group-based 'templates' for efficient centralized management of any number of access points
  • Routinely audits each Wi-Fi device configuration and compares it to policy
  • Immediately alerts and can automatically 'repair' improperly configured devices
  • Routinely audits each Wi-Fi device configuration and compares it to policy
  • Provisioning & Configuration  
  • Integrates with PVSP to automatically configure Wi-Fi devices to match site plan
  • Automatically ensures that all devices are using an approved, up-to-date version of firmware
  • Automated RF channel assignment and management
  • Monitoring & Diagnostics
  • Monitors every device (including Mesh APs) and user on the wireless network in real-time
  • Identifies and searches for users by username
  • User views show signal strength and roaming history of each user
  • Intelligent diagnostics and automated alerts when problems are detected
  • Reporting & Visualization
  • Integrated reporting package that includes usage reports, device inventory reports, client session reports, device uptime reports, and more
  • Exports all reports (via XHTML)
  • Automated email distribution lists for key reports
  • Fully customizable reports by group time period, etc.
  • Technical Specifications

    PROXIMVISION-25 200025
    PROXIMVISION-100 2000100
    PROXIMVISION-200 2000200
    PROXIMVISION-25 200025A
    PROXIMVISION-100 2000100A
    PROXIMVISION-200 2000200A
    PROCESSOR Intel Pentium D processor, 3 GHz
    RISER CARD One full height, half-length, 64-bit PCI-X slot
    RAM 1 GB
    CD DRIVE 24X internal
    NETWORK ADAPTER CONNECTOR Two RJ-45 (for integrated 1-GB network adaptors)
    USB CONNECTORS Four 4-pin, USB 2.0 compliant connectors (two on front and two on back)
    VIDEO CONNECTORS Two 15-pin VGA connectors (one on front and one on back)
    VIDEO TYPE Integrated XGIXG20 VGA controller
    AC POWER 345 W, 100 - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
    SYSTEM BATTERY CR 2032 3.0-V lithium ion coin cell
    DIMENSIONS 44 x 483 x 546 mm
    WEIGHT 9.98 kg
    OPERATING 10°to35°C
    STORAGE -40° to 65°C
    OPERATING STORAGE 8% to 95% (non-condensing) with a maximum humidity gradation of 10% per hour 5% to 95% (non-condensing)
    OPERATING 0.25 G at 3-200 Hz for 15 min
    STORAGE 0.5 G at 3-200 Hz for 15 min
    OPERATING One shock pulse in the positive z axis (one pulse on each side of the system) of 41 G for up to 2 ms
    STORAGE Six consecutively executed shock pulses in the positive and negative x, y, and z axes (one pulse on each side of the system) of 71 G for up to 2 ms
    OPERATING -16 to 3,048 m (-50 to 10,000 ft)
    STORAGE -16 to 10,600 m (-50 to 35,000 ft)
    PACKAGE CONTENTS One ProximVision Appliance preloaded with appropriate software application, one bezel with key, Versarail package for mounting (with documentation), documentation CD, Quick Install Guide, Regulatory Guide (if needed), Power cords (EU, UK and US), licenses for PVSP and PVMC
    WARRANTY 1 year parts and labor
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