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RAD Airmux-400


Broadband Wireless Multiplexer

Product Summary

The new Airmux-400 broadband wireless multiplexer delivers carrier-class, high capacity, extended range Ethernet service in the sub-GHz space at the most competitive price in the industry. The Airmux-400 wireless multiplexer provides point-to-point and multi-point-to-point Ethernet extension of 50 Mbps full duplex, net throughput at ranges up to 120 km.


  • Easy to install and simple to maintain
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Unparalleled performance

Quick Specs

  • Carrier-class, high capacity
  • Sub-6GHz wireless multiplexer for high traffic networks
  • 50 Mbps full duplex net throughput
  • Superior OFDM and MIMO technology
  • Extended range – up to 120 km

Further Product Information

The new Airmux-400 broadband wireless multiplexer delivers carrier-class, high capacity, extended range voice and data communications for today’s and tomorrow’s networks.

Airmux-400 is the ideal choice for carriers seeking cost-effective backhaul solutions. While demand for mobile bandwidth and migration to 3G and 4G networks will require carriers to significantly increase their backhaul capacity, they cannot expect a similar growth in ARPU and therefore need backhaul solutions to keep OpEx and CapEx to a minimum.

Airmux-400 enables carriers to accommodate capacity growth and maintain profitability through unparalleled price and excellent performance.

High capacity solution

The high capacity radio system delivers 50 Mbps of Ethernet full duplex at a range up to 120 km in various sub-6GHz frequencies.

Airmux-400 delivers optimal performance and unmatched robustness in all environments, based on its advanced space diversity configuration, MIMO and OFDM technologies. Its uniquw Combo design covers multiple frequency bands in one platform, enabling users to switch frequencies in noisy environments to guarantee optimal link performance.

Flexible deployment options

The Airmux-400 solutions are ideally suited for applications such as backhaul for cellular and WiMAX networks, access and backhaul solutions for ISPs and enterprise networks, as well as for temporary applications for both carriers and private networks.

Airmux-400 incorporates safeguards to secure the wireless transmission against possible attack by supporting the advanced encryption standard (AES).

Airmux-400: Broadband Wireless Multiplexer