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Trango Access5830™ Subscriber Unit

The Access5830 subscriber unit (SU) is a full-featured, enterprise class customer premise radio which works in conjunction with the Access5830™ Access Point for point-to-multipoint deployments. Designed for maximum durability and management flexibility, it offers dual-band operation, long range and three certified antenna options.

Product Highlights


The M5830S-SU and M5830S-SU-EXT allow network operators the flexibility of operating in either the 5.8 GHz ISM band or the 5.3 GHz U-NII band. The units provide a host of configuration options which are vital for interference mitigation including full control over channels, antenna polarizations, and receiver threshold.


The Access5830 SU, in conjunction with the Access5830 Access Point, efficiently delivers up to 10 Mbps throughput to the subscriber.


Access5830 series SUs are fully manageable locally via the Ethernet or serial port, as well as over-the-air via the access point. The unit features an easy-to use browser interface as well as a full command line interface.

Durability, Ease of Installation

The Access5830 SU is a fully weatherized, outdoor unit designed for quick installation. The unit features a universal mounting bracket, a built-in LED alignment tool, and Power-over-Ethernet to minimize deployment costs.

Robust Propietary Access Polling

Trango's SMARTPolling™ (patent pending) is a unique and powerful prioritization scheme designed to ensure the highest quality of service, such as VoIP, to each user at the maximum assigned throughput. The AP will poll each SU in a round-robin fashion, favoring subscribers which are busy passing traffic. For this reason the SMARTPolling™ protocol is adaptive and dynamic as opposed to straight Time Division Duplex (TDD). Added control of the polling sequence is provided by the ability for network operators to specify certain subscribers as PRIORITY in which case these subscribers will be polled more frequently thus guaranteeing even lower latency for critical clients.

Antenna / Range Chart

SU Model Antenna Style Antenna Max Range Antenna Gain Beam-width
M5830S-SU Internal Patch   6 miles (high band) 18 dBi 18°
2 miles (low band)
M5830S-SU-EXT 15" Patch AD5830-23-D 10 miles 24 dBi
36" Dish SPD3-5.2T* 18 miles 30 dBi

NOTE: Ranges listed require line-of-sight. At least 10 dB fade margin included to account for rain and other conditions. Actual maximum ranges may be greater depending on site conditions. * SPD3-5.2T manufactured by RadioWaves, Inc.


Frequency of Operation 5725 MHz to 5850 MHz (High-band)
5250 MHz to 5350 Mz (Low-Band)
User Data Throughput 10 Mbps
EIRP (Max) 36 dBm (M5830S-SU)
52 dBm (M5830S-SU-EXT w/24 dBi antenna – high band)
30 dBm (Both models – low band)
Antenna Polarization Horizontal / Vertical (Software Switchable)
Modulation Format Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) with RAKE
Access Method TDD with SMARTPolling™
Configuration/Management Telnet, SNMP (via AP), TFTP, HTTP
Physical Interfaces 10/100 Ethernet Autosensing, Serial Port (RJ11)
Power Method PoE
Voltage Limits 10.5 VDC – 24 VDC
Enclosure Type All-weather, polycarbonate
Temp Range -40° to 60° C
Radio Dimensions 12.5" × 8" × 2 ¾"
Radio Weight 4 Lbs
Interfaces RJ-45 and RJ-11