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Trango FOX 5800 / FOX 5300 Subscriber Units

The TrangoFOX™ subscriber unit harnesses the full power of the Access5830™ wireless broadband platform delivering 10 Mbps up to 4 miles.

Designed for large scale deployments, the TrangoFOX provides long range as well as a host of powerful provisioning and management tools in a compact, easy-to-install package.



The TrangoFOX, in conjunction with the Access5830 Access Point, efficiently delivers up to 10 Mbps throughput to the subscriber.

Long Range

The TrangoFOX features Trango's innovative dual-polarized, multi-element antenna technology for superior performance and longer range. The 5.8 GHz FOX5800 can be deployed up to 4 miles from the Access Point with 10 dB fade margin to spare. The FOX5300 provides a range of 2 miles operating in the 5.3 GHz band. All ranges quoted above include 10 dB of fade margin so actual distances may be greater.


The TrangoFOX provides a host of configuration options which are vital for interference mitigation including full control over channels, antenna polarizations, receiver threshold, and power levels.


The TrangoFOX is fully manageable locally (via the Ethernet port), or over-the-air via the access point. The FOX supports SNMP and features an easy-to use browser interface as well as a full command line interface. The FOX's remote manageability reduces the need for costly truck rolls.

Durability, Ease of Installation

The TrangoFOX is a fully weatherized, outdoor unit designed for quick installation. The compact form factor features a universal mounting bracket, a built-in LED alignment tool, and Power-over-Ethernet to minimize deployment costs.


The TrangoFOX is priced aggressively to help service providers achieve a quick ROI.

Three Models to Choose From

Model Part # Frequency Range Antenna Type Gain Beamwidth
Azimuth Elevation
FOX5800 M5800S-FSU 5.8 GHz 4 Miles Integrated Patch 15 dBi 32° 18°
FOX5300 M5300S-FSU 5.3 GHz 2 Miles Integrated Patch 15 dBi 32° 18°

NOTE: Ranges listed require line-of-sight. 10 dB fade margin included to account for rain and other conditions. Actual maximum ranges may be greater depending on site conditions.


Frequency of Operation  5725 MHz to 5850 MHz (FOX5800)
5250 MHz to 5350 Mz (FOX5300)
User Data Throughput 10 Mbps
EIRP (Max)   36 dBm (FOX5800)
30 dBm (FOX5300)
Antenna Polarization Horizontal / Vertical (Software Switchable)
LED Indicators 7 LEDs including 4 RSSI
Modulation Format Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) with RAKE
Access Method TDD with SMARTPolling™
Configuration/Management Telnet, SNMP (via AP), TFTP, HTTP
Physical Interfaces 10/100 Ethernet Autosensing, Serial Port (RJ11)
Power Method PoE
Voltage Limits 10.5 VDC – 24 VDC
Enclosure Type All-weather, polycarbonate
Temp Range -40° to 60° C
Radio Dimensions 9.2" × 4.25" × 3.1"
Radio Weight 1.75 Lbs