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M2400S™ System

The M2400S™ Series point-to-multipoint wireless broadband platform offers service providers and network operators a cost effective, enterprise grade solution for fixed wireless connectivity at 2.4 GHz. The system provides up to 5 Mbps to the subscriber and a range of 25 miles. The M2400S utilizes a narrow 10 MHz channel compared to 20 MHz for 802.11-based systems, making it highly resilient in the presence of in-band interference.

Product Highlights


The M2400S Access Point (AP) and Subscriber Unit (SU) both include integrated dual polarized patch antennas as well as a connector for an optional external antenna. Utilizing the internal antennas, the M2400S provides a range of 15 miles line-of-sight (LOS) with 10 dB fade margin to spare. Range can be extended to over 25 miles by attaching an optional grid antenna to the SU. On the AP, operators can utilize the internal sector antenna or attach an external sector or omni antenna.


The M2400S is one of the most flexible 2.4 GHz systems available with eight channels that users can redefine by selecting frequencies in single MHz increments. The SU will scan all channels until it associates with a properly configured AP. This allows redundancy of APs as well as a simple and quick method to switch channels on an entire sector. In addition, the software switchable dual polarized antennas allow for outstanding frequency agility.


The M2400S delivers up to 5 Mbps and utilizes Trango's patent pending SmartPolling™ algorithm to dynamically and adaptively poll subscriber units, ensuring the lowest latency for active subscribers.

Interference Mitigation

The M2400S offers powerful resistance to interference with the Automatic Repeat Request (ARQ) feature, which automatically re-transmits errored packets to mask RF errors to higher layer protocols. In addition, the M2400S provides mitigation tools such as dual polarity antennas, automatic SU power leveling, and threshold control.

Integrated Design

The M2400S radios are fully weatherized outdoor units featuring Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) designed for quick deployment and easy installation.

Security & Authentication

The M2400S offers MAC-level authentication coupled with over-the-air data scrambling for secure operation.

Management Features

The M2400S offers remote and local management via Telnet, SNMP and HTTP via browser. Tools such as site survey and upstream/downstream CIR/MIR controls allow operators control and flexibility in managing networks.


Frequency of Operation 2400 MHz to 2483 MHz
User Data Throughput 5 Mbps
Receiver Sensitivity
(BER 10-6)
-90 dBm typical
RF Power Output +23 dBm Max / +10 dBm Min
Antenna Polarization Horizontal / Vertical (Software Switchable)
Modulation Format Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS)
Access Method TDD with SMARTPolling™
Maximum SUs per AP 128
Configuration/Management Telnet, SNMP (via AP), TFTP, HTTP
Internal Antenna Integrated 13 dBi dual polarized, 60° X 18° sectoral patch array
Optional Antennas 12 dBi Omni (Pacific Wireless OD24-12)
17 dBi Sector (Pacific Wireless SA24-90-17)
24 dBi Grid (Pacific Wireless DCA24-HD-PF1)

NOTE: The above External Antennas require a Reverse Polarity SMA MALE to Standard N MALE-50 OHM RG142B/U Coax Adapter
Power Method PoE
Voltage Input 20 VDC
Enclosure Type All-weather, powder coated, cast aluminum with polycarbonate radome
Temp Range -40° to 60° C
Radio Dimensions 12.5" × 8" × 2.75"
Radio Weight 4 Lbs