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Wi-Fi Solutions

WFX Wireless LAN Array

Next Generation, High-Capacity Enterprise Wi-Fi Solutions
The WFX product family offers an ideal solution for enterprise customers who seek a scalable, cost effective solution to deliver in-building Wi-Fi access. It includes solutions for a broad range of applications, from branch offices where bandwidth is not an issue, to hospitals and campuses where maximum bandwidth is required to support an increasing number of Wi-Fi customers and applications.

The WFX WLAN Array combines a wireless LAN switch with up to 16 integrated access points to deliver up to 864 Mbps of Wi-Fi bandwidth over a large area. This innovative approach simplifies the deployment and management of Wi-Fi networks while maximizing the amount of Wi-Fi bandwidth and coverage available to users at lower cost.


  • Extended Coverage and Capacity
    • Generates up to 864 Mbps of bandwidth over extended coverage area
    • Allows up to 1,024 users to be wirelessly connected to the network
    • Provides up to 16 channels - 12a, 4a/b/g
    • Uses fewer devices - simplifies the wireless network
  • Secure Wireless Access
    • Multiple layers of authentication and encryption ensure enterprise-grade secure data transmission
    • Interfaces with external RADIUS servers for proper authentication of users; includes an embedded RADIUS server to support smaller deployments
  • Wireless Monitoring
    • One 802.11a/b/g integrated access point can be dedicated as a RF "sniffer" to monitor for rogue access points and other security threats
  • Redundancy and Failover
    • Features multiple points of redundancy and failover including uplink, RF and complete system failover protection via "hot standby"
  • Quality of Service
    • Wireless capacity that ensures bandwidth for today and tomorrow's demanding applications such as data, voice and video

ADC WFX Solutions Portfolio

  • WFX-3500 WLAN Array - Ideal for smaller locations and branch offices where bandwidth is not an issue, the number of clients to be supported is small, and where coverage may or may not be an issue. The WFX-3500 provides up to 216Mbps of Wi-Fi capacity.
  • WFX-3700 WLAN Array - Suited for mid-sized to large locations and campuses where bandwidth has become an issue, the number of clients is large, and the coverage pattern is a concern. The WFX-3700 provides 432Mbps of Wi-Fi bandwidth.
  • WFX-3900 WLAN Array - Ideal for dense deployments such as campuses and hospitals. The WFX-3900 delivers 864Mbps of RF bandwidth and 4 times the coverage of other Wi-Fi solutions - all from a single device.
  • WFX-3300 Management Platform - This optional management platform is a dedicated network appliance providing a suite of powerful software tools designed to centrally manage up to 500 WLAN arrays from anywhere in the network. It is ideal for campus-wide, multi-site branch office or other large-scale Wi-Fi deployments.
  • WFX-3100 Remote Power System - This optional remote system provides a centralized mechanism for distributing 48 Volt DC power when AC power is unavailable or cost-prohibitive to deploy. All ADC WLAN Arrays can be powered using the WFX-3100 at distances up to 300 feet (92 meters) when using CAT-5 cable, or 1,000 feet (305 meters) when using 16 gauge cable.