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Airspan Netspan


  • Already running numerous WLL networks worldwide (AS4000 and AS4020)
  • Based on Microsoft .Net platform.
  • Distributed Client Server Architecture.
  • Web Browser GUI.
  • Full system configuration, operation and maintenance via standard web client
  • SNMP API support.
  • Uses standard WiMAX MIB for all configuration and O&M activities.

Airspan’s WiMAX systems are managed by Netspan, using an IP based protocol for connection over a network. Netspan runs on a Windows 2000 PC equipped with SQL server software. The server connects to the network elements using an Ethernet interface. Client PCs are connected to the server over an IP link.

Configuration of network elements is through the management system as are alarms, performance and statistics. In a future release alarms, performance and statistics will be accessible through the management system or via SNMP.

Netspan has the capability to simultaneously manage multiple systems. The management system allows visibility of all system alarms, and provides navigation and support to identify the cause of the alarm.

System statistics and status are all requested by the management system at a programmable interval. The management system presents the data in either table or graphical form, allowing the user to filter out and log events.

Netspan Network Diagram