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16eUSB pic

According to industry estimates over 200 million PCs were shipped during 2005 with mobile PCs making up some 30%, growing an annual rate of 26% compared to desktop growth of less than 5%.

The number of mobile PCs, laptops, tablets, etc. shipped in 2006 is expected to exceed 75 million units. These remarkable numbers coupled with the ever more mobile working practices create a massive market for Mobile WiMAX.

Just like Wi-Fi enabling laptop PCs, first through PCMCIA devices in 1999 followed by full integration from 2001 onwards, WiMAX enabling laptops will start with WiMAX USB and PCMCIA devices before the technology is built into the mobile PCs as a matter of course sometime in the future.

Airspan has taken the lead by announcing the world's first Wave 2 Mobile WiMAX compliant, MIMO enabled USB device called 16eUSB. The device can be used with any USB 2.0 compatible mobile PC or desktop. The device is completely plug-and-play and does not require installation by the end user. In order to provide ultimate flexibility the 16eUSB provides quad-band WiMAX operation in a small package, ideal for the global mobile roaming environment for which it is intended.

16eUSB packs a big RF performance for its diminutive size delivering up to 20dBm into the antenna. It is power friendly too, looking after the mobile devices battery by supporting sleep and idle features.

16eUSB's optional WiMAX Finder addon device is self-powered and provides a simple way of detecting WiMAX coverage availability without powering up the PC mobile PC.

16eUSB incorporates service provider friendly features as well. It supports a SIM card slot, which can be used to contain service provider information. Furthermore, the device supports overthe-air software upgrades.

Laptop with 16eUSB