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Airspan ProST and ProST Wi-Fi


  • Full Outdoor Non-LOS Deployment
  • Based on field-proven WipLL © SPR mechanics
  • 4 Years of Deployment and <0.02% returns
  • Antenna gain of 15 dBi and 18 dBi
  • Comprehensive range of indoor Subscriber Data Adapters (SDA)
  • Outdoor unit and indoor SDA connected using CAT5 PoE
  • Up to 100m between ODU and SDA
  • Option of hub or switch with indoor adaptor
  • Up to 4 Ports with VLAN port switching

The ProST and ProST-WiFi are designed for rapid and simple external deployment, to be fitted by trained personnel in less than one hour. This unit is ideal when a specific service level agreement needs to be guaranteed. The ProST ensures high service availability at enhanced ranges, operating in both LOS and NLOS propagation environments.

The ProST-WiFi is a unique combo terminal that integrates WiMAX with an Outdoor Wi-Fi Access Point to create instant Public Hotspots or Wi-Fi Metro-Zone nodes.

The ProST and ProST-WiFi are designed to support a range of service interfaces, via different Indoor Units:

  • 1-4 Port Hub or Switch
  • 1-4 Port Switch with VLAN Tagging / Port Switching
  • Wi-Fi 802.11b/g Access Point
  • 1-4 Line VoIP RAG
  • E1/T1 plus IP