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Ориентированная на приложения сеть – Application-Oriented Networking

Add Application Intelligence to Network Devices

Cisco Application-Oriented Networking (AON) helps reduce the complexity of enterprise application deployment, integration, and management by providing common infrastructure capabilities directly within the network. This intelligent network can understand application messages (such as purchase orders, delivery notices, or stock trades) and apply policies such as those for routing, transformation, and security.

Cisco Application-Oriented Networking (AON) technology helps enterprises transition from an application-centric view to a more service-oriented architecture that uses the network's inherent capabilities to reduce complexity and improve scalability. Cisco AON technology:

  • Is the first network-embedded intelligent message-routing system integrating application message-level communication, visibility, and security
  • Changes how applications are deployed, integrated, and managed by delivering common application infrastructure functions as network-based services
  • Gives enterprises the option to relocate repeatable functions into the network, such as application message-specific routing, monitoring and filtering, security policy enforcement, logging, and event capture
  • Improves application performance through load balancing, caching, and compression
  • Helps lower the cost and complexity of deploying applications and maintaining application infrastructure
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